Our mission

We want to bring People, Planet and Profit back together.
These are the three pillars of sustainability.

We want to break free from the way things are. We want to make the good even better. We dream of a world that thinks, lives and acts sustainably. We want to do everything three times good –3xGut!

Our values are

  • Away from polarization —> towards cohesion – in all areas such as nature, society and economy.
  • Only if we stick together now will we generate a sustainable society, economy and environment.
  • We are: Idea providers, supporters and incubator.
  • We think big, we think of our future and we think outside the box.
  • 3xGut is an incubator of new sustainable ideas.
  • We start small and become big.
  • We are unique because of our appreciation and our belief in the good.
  • We want to create a movement and a rethinking in all three areas (nature, society and economy).
  • We believe in a great colorful, social and loving world which treats each other with respect and consideration.
  • We want to support society, businesses, and nature in their growth through/in sustainable way(s)
  • We want to encourage society and companies to rethink and together create a better world

These are our plans

  • We want to sustainably support society, companies and nature in their growth
  • Engage: We want to encourage society and companies to rethink how things are and how they could be
  • Create: We want to make the world more sustainable through our own projects in creating a better world
  • Inspire: We want to collaborate with other people, projects and businesses so that together we can achieve our vision of a sustainable world.

These are our current projects

With these projects, we are beginning to turn our vision into action.

4better.world is an agency, which was founded by 3xGut in 2019. It carries and shares the values and vision of 3xGut. The agency 4better.world is specialized in Google and Facebook ads for sustainable organizations (like NGOs and sustainable companies).

4better.world -Paid Advertising for a better World

For your marketing we always keep your goals in mind. To achieve your marketing goals, we work with funnel strategies. These enable us to accompany your target groups and supporters in different online marketing channels. Our strength is to analyse the entire customer journey (for NGOs called donor journey) and to systematically increase performance for each touchpoint. And if all this seems not clear for you, we will also be happy to provide you with the necessary background knowledge. more…


Auszeitmacher.de – was launched in the summer of 2018 to offer overworked and stressed-out people a time-out weekend to take a deep breath in the beautiful nature. For this purpose, a recreation package was put together, which includes accommodation, food, a wilderness walk and a walk with a change of perspective. mehr…

Are you interested?

Then become a companion – as co-speaker, designer, packer, client, supporter, source of inspiration or listener. We are doers and want to achieve a lot. You can support us and become part of the team.

We want to network and bring people together. Start an initiative. Start an outbreak. We want to save the world. Because only 3xGut is good enough!

Our vision is also your vision?

We are looking for:

  • Networkers and are connected to network of sustainability.
  • Leaders within companies and NGOs who want to change their mindset.
  • Investors who have finances to support us
  • Influencers who can communicate our vision to the world.

Contact us! – Every thought/reference/idea can be helpful.